Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Busty Beer Babes

OMG, tell me I didn't do that last nite.  He was a dog!
Now really guys just how many babes 
have you taken advantage of 
when they got just a little tipsy?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Memories of Mexico and a plug for Buying Windows in Arkansas

Actual Old Beer Ad
Just in keeping with the theme of this site.
This is the Caleta Beach Hotel in Acapulco.  It's located in the old part of the city, near the Bull Ring.  My best friend, who owns the below promoted company, and I have spent many event filled days and nights there.  If you notice the wrap around balconies in the center part of the hotel, that's where we were.  And as close to the top as we could get.  It was just a short drive from the hotel to El Centro and the infamous Red Light District (Zona Rojo), where we would often spend those the evenings checking out the young senoritas that plied the trade there.  Sadly those days have passed, but will always enjoy the memories of the hot nites and Sunday afternoons at the Bull Ring.  The great tales of those days are indeed numerous.  Below is a shameful plug for his business in Little Rock.  I should add, he doesn't know I'm doing this.  Hell I just felt like it---for old times!
Planning to purchasing installed insulated windows or vinyl siding in the near future.  If you reside in Arkansas then consider Allen Construction of Little Rock.  Allen Construct  is an old well established company in Arkansas with almost 40 years spent serving homeowners there.  The owner, personally sees each and every person getting a free quote and with his low overhead is often able to give you a price much lower than his competitors.  In full disclosure, I have know the owner since 1976 and consider him a close friend.  Perhaps that's how I know he will treat you right, not just on the price, but on the service and professional workmanship his company offers.  To visit his website for additional information just click on above image.  Thanks.