Sunday, October 4, 2015

Army Veteran Chris Mintz shot 7 times while trying to stop Oregon School Massacre

I wonder if President Obama 
has even thought to call the family of Chris Mintz, 
the vet who took 7 rounds while trying to stop the Oregon shooter.  
My guess is no, but then Mintz was not a Muslim.  
Had he been one the president would have had a photo opt 
of his calling the hero 
and most certainly issued an 
invitation to visit the White House!  
Something is terribly wrong here. 

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Anonymous said...

Chris Mintz is part Portuguese. He is of Melungeon origin and he is part Native American! He is like a man on a horse saving others!

John Harmon
William Goins
Leah Goins
Daniel Goins
Abraham Goins
Norvie Jane Goins
Ester Yow
Eva Mae Kennedy
Robert William Mintz, Jr.
Christopher Lee Mintz (that’s him!)