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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Knothole and Peeking Tom Voyeurs to become Extinct

Has anyone noticed that the lines outside of Women's public restrooms is growing following recent court ruling that transgenders can use the facility of their choice.  The same thing can be observed at female locker rooms in most fitness clubs.  No longer does the voyeuristic young man have to seek out that old knothole or sneak outside that lovely beauty's window at night just to get a brief peek.  Now anyone can stroll inside those most private spaces to view these heavenly delights by simply declaring he is a transgender and is entitled under the law to pee where every his wishes.  It has also been observed that the sales of "Playboy" are sharply off, and that internet porn traffic is down.  All because of the free live nude shows now available at locker rooms and privy's across the nation.  This is leading  some Democrats in Congress to call for a reversal of court decisions regarding transgender rights due to falling tax revenues from the huge porn industry. While, at the same time, Republican Congressmen are urging that all Transgenders be given an official stamp certifying they are indeed a human without a sex.  Conservatives are calling for this USDA stamp to be applied to the penis or a reasonable facsimile thereof.  The stamp would assure that no straight male could impersonate a entitled transgender, thus assuring the safety and privacy of women across the nation from the prying eyes of lecherous voyeurs.  Voyeurs who are only concerned with self-gratification at the expense of unsuspecting women.                  

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