Sunday, October 30, 2016

Convict Hillary Clinton escapes from Federal Correctional Facility in NY

There are some things so stinky even a dog won't smell them!

Speaking of stinky things, today's bonus
The stench coming from a Hillary Clinton White House could not be masked by a million cans of Glade sprayed from  low-flying DC-10 Tanker Planes.  Of course, there will be certain advantages to this obnoxious impenetrable cloud emanating from the bowels of what would become nation's largest outhouse.  Just imagine the staff tasked with escorting visitors down the hallowed halls of that once proud symbol of the country could be reduced.  After all, who could tolerate that disgustingly  foul smelling building for any length of time.  But then the Clinton's and many around them have become accustomed to that odor of corruption and view it as that "sweet smell of success" akin to Chanel No. 5!  
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