Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillary compares herself to Lincoln, is the Ghost of John Wilkes Booth eagarly waiting her arrival

In the last Presidential Debate Hillary Clinton seemed to compare herself to our beloved assassinated President Abe Lincoln.  Who according to her, used certain selective words in public and more or less  just the opposite when behind closed doors.  Apparently, Hillary in not only an astute historian but has the uncanny ability to read the mind of the dead man sealed in the Lincoln Memorial.
Can you really believe that a congenital liar, the likes of Hillary Clinton, would have the unmitigated gall to compare herself to man known for his honesty---Honest Abe?  But perhaps more importantly, that so many in this nation believe the lying bitch.  Perhaps, should Hillary be elected she will attend an encore performance of "Our American Cousin" at the newly renovated Ford's Theater in Washington.  Being self-assured, by her amazing psychic ability, that the ghost of John Wilkes Booth is not lurking there. 

Of course the last two lines of the above post are just tongue-in-cheek, and should not be interrupted by those in the Secret Service as an overt threat against the former First Lady!    

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