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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Putin-Hillary Tryst at United Nations, Hillary remains closed-mouth.

Following the release of Trump's open-mic tapes sources inside the Trump campaign have revealed that Hillary Clinton had a secret meeting with Russian leader Vladimer Putin in a secure private conference room at the United Nations building in NYC.  The meeting, which in reality, turned out to be an all night tryst, between the two ended abruptly when Hillary refused to give Vladimir "a Monica Lewinski"!  Reportedly, Putin was so outraged that he threatened to release hacked emails showing that the Democratic candidate for president had no problem speaking out of both sides of her mouth, but was unwilling to take something "head on"!  
Just a little satire, but nothing like the faux sanctimony raging in the corporate towers of the Main Stream Media!

Quite frankly, I find it stunning that those in the MSM just can't seem to get enough of this feeding frenzy around the Trump tapes.  I didn't like his comments on women either, but they were in what was thought to be a private conservation between two men---shit, just locker room talk.  But now those private words have been splashed around the world and grand marques across the nation.  One would think it was the Second Coming or the End of the World.  But let's stop and thing about what those loud voices openly approve of: the below image says it all!!

While those on the left condemn Trump's private words, 
they openly wrap their arms and applaud events 
like the above.   
It is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World----
stop it and let me off!

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