Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump admits some of his alleged Groping accusers have been real dogs.

A 65 year old New York woman has come forward claiming that Donald Trump fondled her 14 year old charge "Missie" (last name withheld) in 1981 in her NYC apartment.  This distraught witness to Trump's obvious lascivious overtures toward the naive 14 year old Missie, along with his wanton lecherous stroking of her hair and obscene pats on her rear reportedly left the teenager in a total state of disrepair from which she never fully recovered.  According to Ms. Rodman, a life long Democrat and second cousin twice removed of Hillary Clinton, Missie died some three years after the unwelcome attention of the Man from Trump Tower, at the ripe old age of 17.  
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There may actually be some truth in the accusation made against Donald, after all he has indicated in his "trumpian" manner that some of his accusers were real dogs. 
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