Friday, November 11, 2016

Cry-ins being Sanctioned at Institutions of Lower Learning following Trump Victory

Universities across the country are holding "Cry-ins" so that students can publicly express their grief following the election of Donald Trump as President.  Colleges have even offered to bring in therapy dogs to help their students cope with this unexpected trauma to their delicate sensibilities.  However, student leaders are insisting that the dogs be neutered in keeping with their gender neutral view of the world.  Gender neutral except in the case of white knuckle-dragging Troglodyte males residing in the antiquated regions of fly-over country.     

And finally, something just for you 
knuckle-dragging Troglodyte males.
Hope you brought your club, 
with your looks you'll need it!

Color Splash Babes

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1 comment:

Phil said...

Just don't drag her back to the cave by her feet....

As for those pussy fuckin' childrens and their hurt feelers,these are the future of this country and they can't even wipe their own asses yet.
I am so glad that I won't be around to see them surrender the joint because they are going to.