Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Faceless 10's

And now for something of lesser importance!
Is it just me or does anyone else think this current political erection election is all about sex and not the issues that will effect the man on the street.  That is unless that man is a flasher, a groper or just an innocent victim of bimbo eruptions.  I'm old enough to remember Bill Clinton's White House days when one woman after another was stepping forward claiming that Bubba had come on to them.  Of course in those days, these charges were referred to by the press as "Bimbo Eruptions", translated---the fault of loose women.  Now in this political season similar sexual advances by Trump are referred to as assault and groping.  Seems to me, that many in the press view male advances against females as common place and acceptable when it comes to Democratic Men, but something short of murder when it comes to some low-life Republican daring to pat a woman's behind.  We've always had sex in politics---nothing new here.  Maybe it's just in today's electronic age that things are moving at the speed of light and events are flashed to the nation as soon as they happen that makes us think sex is playing a bigger part in our elections and in society in general.  Aren't you looking forward to that time when we can actually learn about those breaking news stories before they happen---are we headed in that direction?  Logically that's the next evolutionary step.  Finally, want you be glad when this election is over and can be put out of mind and into the history books!     

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