Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The untold story of Starbucks. A whale of a tale!

Finally after years of research an astute graduate student from S.H.I.T. (Sam Houston Institute of Technology) has discovered that secret ingredient in Starbucks world famous latte.  That ingredient that gives Starbucks that renowned aroma and unique flavor.  The secret was unlocked when this enterprising young man was able to gain entrance to the employee's private facility located in the rear of the coffee house.  It has been rumored that the Starbucks founder wanted to use the a modified version of the logo "finger licking good" changing it to "finger dipping good" however that was deemed to be a infringement of the logo copyrighted some years earlier by a enterprising retired Kentucky Colonel.  For those inquiring minds that may want to know the origin of the name "Starbuck" here is a very brief history.  Originally the company was named Pequod after the whaling ship in Herman Melville's great American novel---Moby Dick
The name was quickly dropped and replaced with Starbuck the name of the first mate aboard the Pequod.  Not that this has anything to do with the story, but then what Melville was attempting to tell us in his yarn of the sea was that man's fate was per-determined.  Pre-determined in that Captain Ahab was destined to chase the great white whale Moby Dick until it killed him.  Maybe, just maybe like Captain Ahab was drawn to Moby you will be mesmerized by that  infamous Starbucks logo  that will suck you down like "Cyarydbis" of Greek Mythology, to that place where you will learn to appreciate the finer things in life---especially that of half-digested coffee beans.  In plain unadulterated Trumpian language---SH*T!

On a somewhat related note.  I had often wondered how Melville came up with the name "Moby Dick"?  After much research I found the term "moby" came from natives on the remote island of Maupiti in French Polynesia.  Translated it means  'huge'.  That discovery instantly reminded me of a story my grandfather told of the time he worked for the Illinois Central Railroad.  The line that runs from New Orleans to Chicago.  At any rate, he told me the time when a train came through heading north from the coast pulling to large flat cars carrying a part of some great sea monster to the 1933, Chicago World Fair.  I asked the old man what animal part was so big as to occupy two flat cars.  He took a puff of his pipe and replied, "it's dick"!  Makes one wonder if Melville, might have some hidden message in this novel "Moby Dick"!  For those wondering what the above image is: Hint, it ain't a dorsal fin!  

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