Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Democrats introduce Bill in Texas that would fine a man $100 bucks every time he yanks his crank.

Texas is a very backwards place. So backwards that they're known for toxically masculine cowboys, polluting petroleum, and that symbol of Native Amerikan oppression known as the Alamo. It's a wonder that our People's Stronghold of Austin hasn't dropped off the face of the Earth yet. But, the saying "a broken clock is right twice a day unless it identifies as being right" proves itself true once again. The title of the act is "A Man's Right To Know", introduced into the Texas house by Demokrat Jessica Farrar. Under this act, men would have to wait 24 hours before getting a colonoscopy or buying Viagra. This accomplishes a few different things, all of them good for the Party.
Number one, by restricting colonoscopies, it frees up doctor's offices for abortions. Number two, by waiting for colonoscopies, we men are punished for our male privilege and are more likely to pay reparations by dying because of prostate or bowel cancer. Number three, the 24-hour waiting period for Viagra is another reminder of privilege. And number four, the lack of Viagra will mean less actual rapes, which means the courts will be freed up for more fictional accusations of rape, which would ultimately lead to more filthy men going to jail. However, these four things are but a piss in the pot compared to the last part of the act. Komrade Farrar has come up with possibly the greatest tax of all times. So great that even a tax on the air or the sun would crumble compared to this tax. She wants to fine a man 100 bucks every time he yanks his crank.  Read the full story HERE!
You can't make this stuff up. That is unless you are a Democrat!
Tonight's female offering is just for the guys in Texas.  
We refuse to contribute to them going blind or becoming broke.

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