Thursday, March 16, 2017

President Trump accused of Wiretapping Russian Hookers

FSB TV--Moscow. The security services of the Russian Republic were out in force in full SWAT regalia to put down a mortal threat to the state: hundreds of topless Russian hookers in spike heels pouring into the streets in front of the Kremlin to protest the WIKI-leaked news that Donald Trump wiretapped hotel rooms throughout the city to catch Vladimir Putin or Dmitri Medvedev, or the two of them together, in an act of Water Games. Getting a heads-up on the news, a Hollywood producer well-connected to the Kremlin filed a FOIA request and a trademark infringement lawsuit against the president and the CIA for using the words "Water Games," "Yellow River," "Hookers," and "Russia," in a Top Secret dossier no one, not even the CIA nor the former KGB-agent president of the United States, have seen. As news of the lawsuit and FOIA requests were leaked to the press by executives at Uranium-1, a global uranium concern headed by its secret co-CEO, known only by the initials HRC, reporters at MSNBC peered through the president's tax returns from 2005.
They were looking for clues to payments to Russian hookers with quaint names such as Water Babushka and P Mee A Showerski. From leaks, to leaking, to leaking about leaks, New York Times editors Paul Krugman and Tom Friedman consulted with Fareed Zakaria of the Washington Post and CNN, to leak more information and myths out of their nether regions - the closest place to the truth available to these journalist.  Read more HERE!

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