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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hillary and her operatives invented the Russian narrative to distract from her criminality and failed candidacy

WikiLeaks revealed Hillary’s loyalty and devotion to the central bankers. In her usual perfunctory and well-planned manner, she spouted empty platitudes at voters and expected to win automatically. Hillary and Bill engaged in ‘pay for play’ graft as a matter of course. They grew stupendously wealthy. She operated an illegal server and destroyed evidence. The Clintons are monsters who have left a long trail of bodies to obtain and preserve their power. They must consider Americans to be easy marks. Citizens are suckers to them. Hillary is a money-grubbing, power-mad grifter. She’s a vile criminal globalist and a central banker toady. Her association with Podesta suggests she has also dabbled with Satanism.  More.....

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Anonymous said...

Apparently folks are forgetting that it was the hillz camp that started the ball rolling about barry's birth place. And how much she finagled to 'win' the dem nomination last year. IOW, she (and her crew) will stoop to as low a level as they can to get what she wants. No wonder she is STILL hopping mad about Trump 'stealing' her crown.