Thursday, May 18, 2017

Seattle Nuked by N. Korea, Democrats continue their search for faux Russian-Trump connection

While the people in downtown Seattle were digging out from yesterday's North Korean nuclear attack with the assistance of those few first responders still standing. Suburbanites living outside the blast area in their gated progressive communities rushed to newsstands to get the latest headlines about the growing Russian-Trump scandal. 

In related news, the campuses of both the University of Washington and Washington State are already seeing large anti-war protest. While in the eastern part of the state, lumberjacks and others are rushing to enlist for the impending war on the Asian mainland.. 

Additionally according to officials at the University of Washington's statistics department an estimated 250,000 died in the attack on Seattle, a city of some 3.7 million people, when the Hiroshima sized nuke hit. While at the same time President Trump's draconian retaliation on the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, a city of some 3 million souls resulted in an estimated 2.5 million deaths. Furthermore the facility UW has now voted to condemn Trump for his over-reaction in what was obviously a racist act committed against the yellow people of Asia.!
The two below links are to pages, that in no way are provocative, just a tribute to the fighting women of both Israel and Russia

 Girls of the Russian Army

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