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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The shocking similarity between ISIS and American Democrats

Recently in the dead of night (1:30 am) the Democrat controlled city government of New Orleans ordered the removal of the confederate monument at Liberty Place.  With 3 additional sites scheduled for destruction soon.  Including Lee Circle on Saint Charles street.  These statues and monuments were deemed to be offensive and therefore their removal was mandated by city Democrats.  Apparently, those on the left cannot stand to see or hear anything with which they don't agree.  Perhaps this explains the unusually high divorce rate among progressives.  At any rate, the Dems have proven they are are more like the fascist Nazis of Germany and the ISIS terrorist of Syria than true patriotic Americans.  Woe be to the history of this nation, should they should ever gain absolute control.  They would seek to destroy any evidence of times when their twisted view was not the norm.  Monuments and statues would be the first to go,  followed by massive book burnings at across the nation.  And of course, there would be no dissenting voices coming from the media.  In short these intolerant bastards would destroy the First Amendment.  But there is hope---for now we still have the Second Amendment and what goes with it.  Keep your powder dry!!!!
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