Monday, July 24, 2017

The Greatest Football player and Actor of all time, OJ Simpson's, Quest for Justice

After 9 long years of sitting in a Nevada sweat box somewhere in a southwest desert, where the air-conditioning system often failed and being provided only with the absolute minimum necessities necessary to sustain life---namely 3 hots and a rack, O.J. Simpson has finally been freed.  Freed by the efforts of ten of millions who pressured a racist state to correct the injustice imposed by a racist judge for a virtually non-existence crime in sin city where the 'Juice' was simply trying to regain his personal properties.  Properties stolen by speculators merely seeking financial gain.

At last OJ is free to continue his search for the person or persons responsible for his beloved wife's death so many years ago.  It is being reported that OJ will begin his search for this dastardly killer somewhere on the golf links of south Florida and the surrounding 'water-holes'. Where, The Juice, had spotted him some years back before his unlawful confinement by the racist police state of Nevada. 

Even as Mr. Simpson is preparing to continue his epic search for the owner of those now infamous gloves, there are other forces arrayed against.  Against the one who was perhaps the greatest football player and movie actor of all time.  It now seems that OJ, has become a target of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) who now claim that his distant ancestors entered this country illegally in the hole of a Portuguese Merchant Ship, that ran the British blockade somewhere off the West coast of Africa in the 18th Century.

All white Americans should be outraged at the treatment our black brother has been forced to endure and immediately go home and remove and burn the white robes and hoods they have hidden in their closet.  We must all show solidarity with 'The Juice' and help him sweep the Golf Courses of South Florida as well as the many watering holes along the beach in his quest for the real killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.  
by Ron Russell
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