Sunday, July 2, 2017

Woman found guilty at trial for using fake penis, blindfold to trick female friend into sex

Well, this is certainly sick and depraved. A woman in Britain named Gayle Newland decided she wanted to have sex with a female friend. But she didn’t want the woman to know who she was or that she was female. So, her friend was blindfolded on numerous occasions and Newland used a fake penis for the encounters. Can I just ask the obvious here… just how stone stupid do you have to be to do something like this? I guess you could call this woman a victim, but she’s also a moron. 

Newland, a creative writing graduate of Chester University, reached out to her friend and fellow classmate in 2011, posing as a man named Kye Fortune. The two communicated back and forth and decided to actually meet up in 2015. There was just one catch, Newland’s friend had to wear the aforementioned blindfold. She could never ‘see’ Fortune. She had to know something was hinky with this. Not to mention dangerous. Newland always had excuses for why it had to be that way. She even went so far as telling the victim that he had been “badly injured and disfigured” and was recovering from a brain tumor operation. Fortune also told the woman that he had to wear bandages on his chest because of a heart condition. And she fell for it y’all. SMH.   Read more.....

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