Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This News Sucks: Little Korean 'Fat Boy' can now destroy USA

Our intelligence on North Korea has been less-than-stellar, having failed to give us an accurate reading on their long-range missile capabilities, their ability to miniaturize nuclear warheads, their creation of a Hydrogen bomb, and the number of missiles they have at the ready. 

Another threat that we may have not considered is a potential Electromagnetic Pulse that could potentially knock out our power grid and kill millions as a result. Experts are warning that this is a likely scenario with a newly developed weapon at North Korea’s disposal, and as a nation we are not ready. 

The scary part of an EMP is that it doesn’t necessarily require accuracy and can affect anyone within hundreds of miles in any direction. They could easily be placed in either of the Kwangmyongsong satellites and could affect any and every nation on the planet. 

EMP commission chairman William Graham and chief of staff Peter Vincent Pry warned in a Congressional hearing that a potential attack could be devastating and could “shut down the US electric power grid for an indefinite period, leading to the death within a year of up to 90 per cent of all Americans.“ 

“A nuclear EMP attack would destroy electronics everywhere, cause planes to crash, stop cars and rail traffic, blackout electric grids and other critical infrastructures that make modern civilization, and life itself, possible. Eventually, millions would die from starvation, disease, and societal collapse,” wrote former Republican Representative Curt Weldon. 

Our system does not even begin to know how to handle an attack like this, and we aren’t doing anything to either prepare for or prevent it. Here’s hoping Trump realizes there is more than one way to skin a cat and if the United States gets caught with its pants down, it’s game over for us and freedom as we know it. 

That’s all it would take to end the American Experiment. No wonder Rocket Man is so cocky.
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