Friday, June 16, 2017

After Man Harassed Woman Over Her Tight Pants That Violate His Religious Beliefs – He Pays the Price

Islam has some backwards views when it comes to women, and that can cause problems in countries where people don’t still live like it’s 1499. For some Muslim men, seeing women dressed in normal clothes means that they are fair game for harassment, but that backfired wildly for this unemployed Muslim bodyguard. 

Henderson called Alneaimi “Satan” and “a slut”, with the harassment drawing a huge crowd, some of whom began joining in. “How much do you charge for the night?” one man jeered. But with Henderson as the clear instigator, authorities sought him out and arrested him. He was charged with intentional harassment, alarm or distress and using racially aggravated words. It’s also alleged that Henderson shouted pro-ISIS comments during his tirade.  Read more.....

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