Friday, October 12, 2018

Germany ProvidesHousing for Muslim Refugees…at Former Nazi Death Camps

Once again German ingenuity has triumphed as that country's government has opened the gates of historical Nazi death camps, like those at Dachau and Buchenwald, to tens of thousands of Muslim refugees flooding into their nation from the Middle East and North Africa and seeking housing.  A German who lives near one of these sites said, “We welcome refugees with open arms. Most of them are Muslims who don’t know the history here and those who do, deny it anyhow. My kind of folks." However another longtime local Buchenwald resident, Frau Frieda Nacht, was less enthusiastic. “The only good thing about putting them here is we won’t have to round them up if it doesn’t work out.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated that although this measure did not provide a final solution to the Muslim problem it was certainly a step in the right direction. 

But many Jewish groups are outraged. “That’s the housing solution for refugees? Are you fucking kidding us, Merkel?” Look, It’s wonderful the Germans are making a humanitarian gesture, but this is holy ground and should remain a memorial to the Holocaust. It’s like putting a mosque, or worse, a Denny’s, at Ground Zero.” Refugees aren’t so wild about the idea either, for their own reasons. Syrian asylum seeker Mahmoud Benghazi said, “I was expecting a different and better deal. I don’t care for the accommodations in Germany’s ‘promised land’. And what’s with all the showers in this place?” 
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