Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Castro going to San Francisco.and Rule 5 Cuban Babes

Fidel Castro now belongs to the ages.  But never fear he has become a soldier of the vast and growing underground movement of the shovel ready Democratic Party.  One can only pray, that his remains be secretly relocated to that most infamous City by the Bay, aka San Francisco where he can join the forces of those still dedicated to continue those grand uplifting fundamental changes bestowed on us by Barack Obama the Great.  Changes now threatened by a demonic run-a-way Trump Train rolling out of that vast waste land on middle America known to be occupied by knuckle-dragging Troglodytes.  Troglodytes who gorge themselves with red-meat, Coca Cola's and mom's Apple Pie while insulting enlightened elites, by daring to waive that symbol of oppression that bears the stars and stripes.  We have little doubt those in the sprawling Frisco LGBTQ community will welcome comrade Fidel with open arms despite any past transgressions that allegedly occurred in the proximity of bullet-ridden brick walls outside the Presidential Palace in Havana or in the dungeons, inspired by the Spanish Inquisition,  beneath it. 

Ultimate Patriotic Cuban Babe

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