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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scenic View of Girls Locker Room soon to be banned by Donald Trump

Sometime before leaving office President Barack Obama (happily now former President) instituted an open door policy at all school restrooms and locker rooms.  This new "Scenic Overlook" attitude of what had been sexually segregated facilities based solely on what organ lay between the legs of those entering the facility was declared illegal by the Obama administration.  Now  under the new mandatory guidelines anyone, depending on his frame of mind on any particular day could enter the locker room or bathroom of his, hers, or it's choice. To assure compliance with this enlightened progressive Executive Order, former President Obama would have had the federal government withhold funds from any school failing to comply.  Just this week however President Donald Trump overturned the Obama order.  An action that would effectively make it illegal once again for dirty old farts, sexual perverts and horny young jocks to go where no man had gone before.  Sadly, those seeking that "Scenic Sexual Overlook" are once again relegated to that old dependable standby, the "knothole".  Hell, that was more fun anyway.  Forbidden fruit always taste better.  

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