Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Burglars, Leakers, Pawn Shop Owners and Reporters

Why is it, that a reporter who  receives stolen merchandise is not required to reveal who gave or sold him such articles.  While at the same time, a pawn shop who purchases stolen property is required by law reveal the identity of the thief who sold him the item.  But then, of course, one might say the reporter is simply doing his patriotic duty and has no interest in the Pulitzer Prize or the money and notoriety that goes with such an award.  Now do you really believe that shit?  If so, please go to another site right now!!!

Of course, there is no difference between the burglar who breaks into your home and carts off the TV and family silverware and that worthless piece of crap that steals secrets vital to the national security and then trots down to the local press office to make his deal with the sleaze-bag, who in most cases has a political agenda.  An agenda set in stone with little to do with the public good.

The long and the short of this is that there is no difference between the leaker  and the common burglar.  And as for the pawn shop owner and the news reporter---one is answerable to the law while the other hides behind the protection afforded him by the First Amendment.  And is able to profit in some way, by the sell or redistribution of government property.  Often documents so sensitive, they could cost lives if revealed.

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