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Saturday, June 10, 2017

When Will Wonder Woman Become A ‘Fat Femme Woman Of Color’?

Wow…is there any end to the “stupid” these liberal feminist not so womanly women are spreading? It’s so far past obnoxious, now it’s just making the planet very difficult to live on. Now this blog post from Ms. Magazine decides they are going to criticize the new wonder Woman film because the title character is not fat, femme, or a woman of color. 

Forget that the movie portrays a woman has being kind, valiant, brave, and full of love for mankind. I guess none of that matters or represents women of the world unless she is fat, femme, or a woman of color? They also have a problem with the character being played by an attractive, white woman, regardless of whether or not she looks spot on the character in the popular comic book that the very film is inspired by. 

 I swear these women have made a life of simply sitting around looking for the next opportunity to be offended. Freaking cowards. MORE.....

I can only speculate, 
but I suspect Batman in OK with the 
traditional Wonder Woman.  Although the above image 
is the only proof I have to validate my suspicions!
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