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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Man Jailed for Shooting Woman in Vagina During Sex Game

Thought you couldn't own guns in England?  I guess if you are hunting they aren’t… but this is the wrong kind of hunting. Way wrong. David Jeffers rendezvoused with a woman at the Britannia Hotel in Offerton, Stockport. I guess they decided to play some kind of twisted sex game, or at least he did. He placed a shotgun in her vagina and it went off. How she survived that so-called accident is beyond me. By all accounts, she shouldn’t have. The blast would have gone right through her body. But somehow she did and is now out of the hospital. But she has a lot of surgeries ahead of her.
As for Jeffers, he got ten years for his part in the fantasy, even though it was an acknowledged accident. The judge had no sympathy for the guy. Jeffers did call the hotel’s reception before panicking and running with the gun. How nice of him. The prosecutor described his behavior as ‘highly reckless and dangerous conduct’. In this case, that’s an understatement. What the hell was this idiot thinking? Don’t answer that… I don’t want to know.  Read more.....

I fully realize the absolute horror and seriousness of this shocking story, but nevertheless feel the need to inject a bit of dark humor.  "I can only speculate, but feel this was all caused by a wet slippery trigger finger from earlier activity"!  This does, however give a new meaning to shooting your 'wad'.
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