Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Foundation of Shithole Nations are their teeming Masses of Floating Turds

Remember during the 2016 election when many of the Hollywood elite claimed they would move to Canada should Donald Trump win the election.  Funny I don't recall any saying they would move to some third world 'Sh*thole' like Haiti or the Central African Republic (CAR).  Of course none moved to Canada and I seriously doubt if any even vacationed in Haiti.  That said, they are now all up in arms about President Trump daring to say what they all know---some nation states are 'sh*tholes'!  Maybe they just want to import those ideas and people that generated those dystopian paradises to America, while they retreat into their gated communities.  

For years the U.S. State Department, both under Democrats and Republican has warned American tourist to avoid travel to countries like Haiti, numerous African states and at times even parts of our neighbor to the south---Mexico.  What many on the left fail to recognize is that it's not geography that makes a 'sh*thole' nation, but the people who live there who have allowed their country to reach 'sh*thole' status!!!!  
by yours truly  
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